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Full Service Baths

Our baths are a walk-in service.

We accept baths between 8:30am-1pm Monday-Saturday, no appointment needed. Please bring large dogs in BEFORE 12pm so we have the correct amount of time to complete them. 

All bath dogs MUST be picked up within 1 hour of pickup text or fees will apply.

Prices vary based on size and coat type.

Small $30-35

Medium $40-45

Large $50-60

Xlarge $65-$110

Up to date rabies vaccinations are required for our bathing service.

Our walk-in bathing is meant to be a weekly/monthly cleanup- refresh for your dog and should be in addition to your full service grooming appointments. Dogs that do NOT come in regularly for bathing/grooming may take longer to bath and have additional fees for behavior, coat condition, or other issues. *WE DO NOT ACCEPT PREGNANT DOGS FOR ANY SERVICES*

All our Full Service Baths include:

-Nail trimming

-Ear cleaning

-Bath and Brush

-Dental Spray

Additional Services:

Facial $5

-Deshed $10 (required on double coated dogs)

-Nail clipping/dremel $15

-Minor trimming (face, feet, sani)  $5-20

Full Service Baths: About
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